Characteristics of Companies Leading The Way in People Analytics

We have the honor of working with numerous organizations helping them to advance and implement people analytics. On this journey, we often get asked what distinguishes the companies that are on the cutting edge in analytics. Here are seven characteristics that we have seen the most successful demonstrate…

  • Forward thinking / visionary leadership – tend to have leadership that is looking to the future, have a clear strategy and involved in scenario planning to prepare for future challenges
  • Disruptive and design thinking – approach to innovation and creative problem solving that is systematic and thoughtful
  • Open mindedness – willing to explore new ideas, accept results even when they are unexpected or against the ‘gut’ feel
  • Comfort with exploration and failure – is willing to test new ideas and challenge the status quo and use failures as learning opportunities
  • Continuous learning – believe in continuous learning and building knowledge /intellectual capital
  • Change savvy / agile approaches – comfortable with continuous change, ongoing assessment and adaptation of plans
  • Collaborative (not siloed) – willing to work across departments, functions, share data and knowledge rather than hoard information