How we give employees a voice today needs to evolve, become more agile and evoke meaningful action.

Is now the right time to do a pulse survey?

In times of rapid change, getting a pulse on the organization is necessary. With varying and frequent policy and procedure changes, coupled with a new way of working, it is vital to keep updated on the employee experience. Employees should always feel they have a voice, and as their work experience is changing, it is important to get their input. So yes, now is the time.

How can we evolve our listening strategy?

While the annual survey is an important tool, there is a need for more continuous listening as the workforce adapts to their new way of working. It is important to utilize different listening strategies that capture employee sentiment over time and probe for feedback as changes arise. Pulse surveys can be focused on collecting opinions on timely topics. With this information, employers will have a deeper understanding of how to best address employee needs.  Insights will help employees feel comfortable and focus on driving the business.

How do we make sure we get responses?

You may think people are too busy to respond, but if your questions are brief, targeted and focused on today’s issues – people will take the time give feedback. And remember, not everyone is sitting in front of a computer, in an office or onsite – remember to utilize surveys that can be accessed from anywhere whether a laptop, smart phone or tablet – invitations can be easily sent out via email or text message.  Be inclusive, give everyone a chance to respond.

How do we respond while adjusting to change?

The past few months have shown that the workforce can adapt and the ability to stay agile keeps businesses running smoothly. That same adaptability is needed to listen to employees who have experienced major changes in their work and home lives.  Don’t try to do it all, pick one area of focus and take action. Keep it simple.  As we all are experiencing, the pandemic is not over, so we must continue to adapt as businesses and communities evolve.

In summary, it is vital to adjust how feedback is collected to meet employees where they are. Ask questions that you can act upon. Get context to better understand your employees’ point of view. Learn what limitations they are facing in the current work environment. Determine what concerns they have as offices begin to reopen. Use this information to inform your decisions. And don’t forget let your employees know the impact of their feedback and how its helping the organization.

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