In today’s ever-changing work environment, it’s critical that businesses make data-informed decisions about their employees. HR departments need to have a comprehensive people analytics strategy (also known as workforce analytics or HR analytics) to attract and retain top talent, boost employee engagement and minimize workforce risks.

Spring International’s state-of-the-art technology and experienced data analysts have made us leaders in the people analytics industry. We assist companies in uncovering deep insights about their talent, so they can identify new opportunities and make better business decisions. We help make the connection between your HR metrics and overall business performance. In addition, these insights can reduce costs while increasing your employee retention and productivity.


Most HR professionals understand the important connection between people analytics and strategic business decisions, but they don’t have the tools or the time to analyze and interpret the mountains of people data that they collect. Spring has the expertise and analytics experience to help HR leaders make strategic, evidence-based decisions with their own people data.

HR Scoreboards / Dashboards

Spring’s HR dashboards allow businesses’ HR teams to track, analyze and report on key performance metrics. Spring’s HR dashboards transform complex data sets and KPI’s into easy-to-understand visual representations that support the talent management process. Our HR reporting tools provide a dynamic overview of the important data needed to make better-informed talent decisions and better track your employees’ performance. Spring provides HR teams with visually appealing and easy-to-understand data dashboards that can be shared with leadership, management, and functions throughout your company.

Modeling and Predictive Analytics

Forecasting human capital needs and the budgets needed to support them are a constant struggle for HR professionals. Spring’s modeling technologies analyze past and present data to extract and categorize information. By pinpointing patterns and correlations, you’ll be able to determine important trends resulting in less guesswork and more forward-planning. Let Spring’s predictive analytics help you enhance your company’s recruitment efforts, encourage a healthy work environment, and identify employee personas that are most likely to thrive in your organization.

People Analytics Workshops

Spring offers both in-person and remote workshops to train your HR teams on the importance of
data-based business decisions. We’ll explain how to use and interpret data, so your teams become more confident and “analytics savvy”. We’ll train your HRBPs and business leaders on how to influence others with data through data visualizations and effective storytelling. These trainings are specifically designed for non-data geeks to get comfortable with data and analytics.

Our courses are designed to strengthen their analytical acumen when dealing with today’s HR challenges. We’ll show your HR teams how to transform mountains of data into key insights and turn them into data ninjas!

In this data-driven world, more and more forward-thinking leaders are turning to Spring International to help them turn their people data into a strategic business advantage.

In this data-driven world, more and more forward-thinking leaders are turning to Spring International to help them turn their people data into a strategic business advantage.