We believe collaboration and mutual support are the cornerstones of success. This is even more important in the ever-changing HR landscape of 2021.   For many years, Spring has been members of industry thinktank groups, such as CUE Inc, University of Pennsylvania Wharton Research Advisory Group, NATERA, and Philadelphia Society of People and Strategy. Our team is constantly learning from these associations and sharing insights learned with our clients.    We feel so passionate about the benefits of best practice sharing and group problem-solving that we have helped establish two local peer networking groups; I’m in A.W.E (Awesome Women Executives) and Philadelphia People Analytics Meet-Up

Perhaps most importantly, we recognize the wealth of knowledge and experience existing within our valued client organizations as well. We are incredibly proud of our clients and their dedication to ensuring all employees have a great day at work. 

Over the next few months, Spring will be sharing case studies highlighting the innovative ways clients are utilizing employee feedback to create inclusive workplaces. We invite you to participate. This is a chance to share your good works. We invite you to share your best practice. Do you have an insight or case study of success within your organization you would like to showcase?  

We would love to hear from you. What is working well as you navigate creating a meaningful work experience in a post-COVID world together?  Email [email protected] to submit a case study. You too can be profiled in our blog. Or email us to inquire about joining one of our peer network groups.