During the best of times, the most effective organizations leverage employee feedback to inform their decision making – during a crisis should be no different. A key decision many organizations are struggling with right now is how to manage the return to the workplace – we believe using employee feedback will aid in this process.

Use feedback to successfully manage the return to the workplace

Many companies are focusing on the physical, safety and financial aspects of returning employees back to the workplace.  But what if your employees do not wish to return? What if they feel more productive or safe at home?

The most successful companies will retain the advantages of enhanced flexible work policies, reduced costs and remote working, while ensuring the health, well-being and employee engagement of their teams.  To remain competitive in this environment it is critical to build leadership resilience and agility and to understand what your employees want, need and expect from this new reality. 

Do you know the best approach for the return to the workplace? Do you know your employees concerns, needs and what they are thinking and feeling? What are the benefits that have been gained that should be retained?

Giving your employees a voice will enhance your HR and business decision making

Ask your employees the right questions, such as

  • What do employees expect from the organization in terms of health, safety, well-being and support?
  • How are employees coping with this crisis and how is it impacting their mental health and ability to work effectively?
  • What do employees expect from their leaders and managers in this new environment?
  • What technology, resources and communications do employees need to be most effective in the new adapted workplace?
  • What will employees need and how will the organization react and adapt if this happens again? 
  • For customer facing employees: How can the business enhance the customer experience in this new environment?


Consider your employees a resource and data point that can inform your decision making. Giving them a voice will quickly demonstrate the value they bring to the company and taking action will recognize the contributions they make to your business.

Let Spring help you to give your employees a voice, design the right feedback system and gather the right data and metrics for your organization to successfully manage the return to the workplace and ultimately enhance your business performance.