From the desk of Jennifer Glaeser Beck, VP of Research & Consulting

Have you noticed an increase in helpful and supportive content being created by organizations right now? I am overwhelmed by the generosity of organizations in their sharing of best practices, templates, strategies, etc. on how to help people navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. I’d like to help out too. Periodically, I’ll post here some of the best or most interesting resources I’ve seen out there. Hopefully this will help you cull through all the information out there. I’ll stick to four for today:

  1. Google made their own guide to “distributed work” available. It is succinct and also provides tools and tips for employees at different levels of the organization.
  2. We know from research that remote workers have the tendency to overwork, and not maintain the best work-life balance. Here is a great tool for remote workers to use to assess their needs as a remote worker.
  3. Here are some very helpful tips on how to run a virtual meeting, but honestly it is applicable to in-person meetings as well!
  4. Finally, research shows the negative impact of layoffs down the line for business. Here is a great list of 50 alternatives to layoffs if you are currently in a position where you are thinking about it.

What’s next? A lot of what I’ve seen out there focuses on work forces with salaried employees whose jobs can be relocated. What about retail workers? Truck drivers? Health care workers? What helpful guidance have you seen lately?

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