Partnering with Non Profits Close to our Hearts

Employee engagement is not limited to the high-rise office, retail store, manufacturing plant, or the home office of the remote worker.  One of Spring’s most valued collaborations was with the SeeDS (Shelter Employee Engagement & Development Survey) program at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. SeeDS is an assessment tool designed to help private and public animal shelters run better by surveying employees and making specific recommendations based on the results.

Each shelter has their unique work environment. Being able to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses allowed for an opportunity to understand site-specific strengths and issues and best practices. The areas being measured included communication, job stress, morale, policies and procedures, teamwork, and training.

The undertaking to survey various shelters across the country at different points throughout the year can provide its challenges. Spring was delighted to coordinate the survey infrastructure to survey shelter employees. We also delivered survey results to the SeeDS team allowing them to customize their reports and recommendations to each shelter.

Over the past several years, the Spring team facilitated the delivery of actionable data to more than 40 shelters across the United States. Collaborations like this help deliver a great work environment especially to those working hard for causes we care about!

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